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V.A. - Dependence 2012 CD

27.04.2012 Item #: mind194 Dependent
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15 high quality, basically exclusive tracks

After stoking the flames in our Gelsenkirchen electro-forges for the first half of this year, "Dependence 2012" showcases the fireworks that will be on display at Dependent in summer and autumn. "Dependence 2012" will contain unreleased and exclusive recordings from veteran artists as well as the first high-profile releases from some of the scene's hottest newcomer acts.

The track list features brand new songs and spectacular remixes and rare recordings from the likes of Mesh, Front Line Assembly, Seabound, Pride And Fall, Decoded Feedback, Ghost & Writer, Dismantled, Stromkern, SKOLD, Informatik, Encephalon, Velvet Acid Christ, Acretongue, KMFDM and more. The tracklist also features the very first track by the newcomer act Radioaktivists.
Behind the Radioaktivists moniker hide some of the best known and busiest artists in the electo-industrial and electropop scenes. One is Daniel Myer, known for his work in projects like Haujobb, Architect, Destroid and Covenant; another is singer Frank M. Spinath, the voice of Seabound, Edge Of Dawn and Ghost & Writer, and who has also lent his vocal talents to the likes of Liquid Divine, Diskonnekted, The Azoic and Stromkern just to name a few. Krischan Wesenberg of Rotersand and also known for his work with Dismantled, Aesthetic Perfection and Imperative Reaction among others lends a hand with production, and for further vocals the Radioaktivists must look no further than Leipzig-based singer and author Alexander "Sascha" Lange. As said "Pieces Of Me" is the first track to emerge from this collective, and one listen should be enough to convince you that Radioaktivists are a bright new star in the electro sky.

This CD will come in a special embossed deep black jewel case containing 24-page booklet featuring massive detailed information on the label and artist roster and is the perfect introduction to the Dependent label for the uninitiated and a special treat for long-time fans. No outtakes or boring remixes here: just 15 high quality, basically exclusive tracks.

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