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Covenant - Last Dance CD

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On this “Last Dance”, that Covenant dedicate to us, we will surely remember

The last dance is usually something special. Something that you do not forget easily or forgo lightly. So it usually stays in your memory for a longer time, if you think back to an evening. And this time, our choice for last dance are the Swedes from Covenant: their limited edition six track EP “Last Dance” services as the impressive acoustic entrée with which Covenant report back from their studio in Helsingborg, Sweden, to open up for their forthcoming album “Leaving Babylon”.

On this “Last Dance”, that Covenant dedicate to us, we will surely remember, as it makes the dancefloor collapse, and lets us fall into a chaos of babylonic proportions. “We are not leaving Babylon, not yet.” This is the Covenant slogan for the forthcoming campaign and it includes a shimmer of hope amidst all the chaos and confusion. The band itself, is now fully swedish again, after Daniel Myer from Haujobb left the band last year and has been replaced by Andreas Catjar. Together the Swedes are finding their way away from Babylon, from our system of disinformation and desorientation.

Two years have passed by since “Modern Ruin” Covenants last Album. Two years that Covenant have used intensively for a better songwriting and new songs. The first results can be heard on this EP: majestic synths unexpected harmonies and instruments, heavy beats, Eskil Simonssons unique opera-like voice, transcending over the four songs and two remixes. Each bandmember from Covenant has written an own song for this EP to render his individual fingerprint. The EP is limited to 3000 units, and will contain a sticker and will be released in an exclusive Digipack. Do not miss this last dance!

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