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Veil Veil Vanish - Change In The Neon Light CD

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Somehow, the album manages to move between the poles of melancholy, energy, and accessibility

Finding new music talent in the Internet age has actually not gotten much easier. Although social networking sites give us the opportunity to discover an unbelievable number of new bands, it also increases the number of new artists that we apparently “must hear absolutely”, only to fi nd them to be average or worse. So it’s great to find a new band whose exceptional talent is beyond any doubt. San Francisco’s VEIL VEIL VANISH are just such a band.
By the second track on their debut album “Change In The Neon Light”, it is clear that this is no fl y-by-night, one-hit wonder, but a capable and devoted band that just needs the right attention in the right moment to break through.This might be now.

"Change in the Neon Light“ features an attractive Hollywood diva on the cover, bathed in stagelight. Is she a person or a product? Real, or just an avatar? Authentic, or just a good actress? Does she lead the charmed life of a successful entertainer, or does her performance conceal a hidden sadness? Many of these same complementary roles and identities are refl ected in the problems of young new bands as they take the first steps to defi ne the relationship between their music and their identity.

VEIL VEIL VANISH seem to have discovered a formula for striking the perfect balance between these competing demands, for there seems to be no other explanation for the fantastic quality of their debut. The San Francisco fi ve-piece of Keven Tocon (Guitar, Vox), Amy Rosenoff (Bass), Cameron Ray (Guitar), Robert Marzio (Drums) and Justin Anastasi (Keyboards) move between songwriting styles with a certain ease that never seems fl at; Kevin Tocon’s voice displays hints of Robert Smiths or Paul Banks but inhabits a unique space of its own.
Somehow, the album manages to move between the poles of melancholy, energy, and accessibility, forming a synergy which is perhaps what truly defi nes the soon-to-be classic nature of „Change In The Neon Light“.

The German Gothic Magazine has already heard the album and proclaims: "For every post-punk, guitar wave and shoegaze fan, the tracks on this album shall be the musical highlight in 2010".

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