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Covenant - Fieldworks Exkursion EP CD

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Limited CD edition. Exclusively available here until April 2019. Collector’s item.

Covenant have produced a tour-exclusive overture to their forthcoming album "Fieldworks". A first excursion into the world outside, full of deceptive signals, misleading noises, and encrypted codes. The attempt of sound-driven artists to find the truth in what we hear and record outside from a world of fake news & opaque influences. The world was growing loud. Now it has become a world screaming at us and we all try to decipher the signal in the noise. Until we have done so, we scream back!

- CD incl. PVC sticker

1. Pantheon
2. All That Is Solid Melts Into Air
3. False Gods feat. Grabyourface
4.Popol Vuh
5. Das Nibelungenlied (1. Abenteuer)

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