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Claire Voyant - Lustre CD

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Simply press play, sit back, and let your world be transformed.

Time is the sensation of mortality; the steady transition from past to future, certainty to uncertainty. And while the certainty of mortality has preoccupied humanity since the earliest times, there also exists an ancient desire to know the future. Science considers only objective reality, where events are taken as evidence of physical laws whose truth may be ascertained by experiment. Clairvoyants, on the other hand, have always tried to go a step further, but have never claimed control over the laws of gravity or methods of communication.

Claire Voyant is a four-piece band from Sacramento. The name, a play on the French clairvoyant (one who possesses "second sight"), was also the name of a sensational 1940s comic strip series. Much like the fictional Claire Voyant was the alias of an antiheroine called "The Black Widow", Claire Voyant the band conceals singer Victoria Lloyd.

With their new album "Lustre", Claire Voyant leads the listener on a trip through a dreamlike musical world. Victoria's dulcet voice, heavily treated with echo and chorus, is heard on almost every track, winding its way through forests of keyboard and guitar. Despite filling the acoustic space to its limit, the effect is warm and clear but never over excessive.

After just a few tracks, you'll find yourself wondering whatever happened to albums that you could listen to the entire way through without fatigue or boredom setting in? The 80s offered an abundance of such fully-formed, strikingly listenable atmospheric albums on labels like 4AD (Cocteau Twins, This Mortal Coil) and Crammed Disc (Bel Canto, Colin Newman). Unfortunately, the mantra of the 90s was to simply slap together a bunch of filler around a hit single and rush it out the door. But what makes Claire Voyant stand out is not a penchant for 80s revivalism, but a return to expansive song structures with crystal-clear melodies and outstanding vocals.

"Lustre" heralds the long overdue return of that rarest of CDs which renders your player's "skip" function unnecessary: the entire album is the hit! Simply press play, sit back, and let your world be transformed.

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