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Never before could it be said that Decoded Feedback has been this melodically oriented as we can now

A difficult half-decade lay behind Decoded Feedback. After their album release “Combustion” in 2005, the Canadian duo had to venture forth along a twisted alley full of private setbacks. But as is often the case, personal crises can trigger the strongest creative energies. Crackling with such renewed powers, Decoded Feedback now unleash “Aftermath”, an utterly remarkable and intense album.

We stand in awe of their unmistakable combination of pulsating basslines and angelic synth-melodies (“Silent Killer“, “Proteus Syndrome“) and nostalgic glimpses to the old school Dark Wave of the Eighties (“Dark Reflections“, “Shelter Me”), as well as Electropop (“Affliction”). Full-bodied and varied, “Aftermath” stands between feelings and moods with unexpected sonic landscapes. Never before could it be said that Decoded Feedback has been this melodically oriented as we can now in 2010. Even in this project's 17th year of existence, there is no lack of innovation or variation. It should also now be obvious to everyone that this project, is in the top league of sound engineering, as is the case with most ensembles in the Canadian electronic scene.

“Aftermath” will make faithful fans discover exactly what they expected to find on Decoded Feedback's latest album and will undoubtedly be won over by its enriching new influences. It is also certain to gain the admiration and accolade of new listeners unfamiliar with the project and in doing so, will bolster its popularity by several more orders of magnitude.

The Deluxe Digital Version of the album will contain 3 additional tracks, e.g. a cover version of "the Psychopomps classic "Godshit".

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