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2010-04-30 Item #: mind163 Dependent
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This album is certain to turn heads

Since its inception in 1997 by musician and painter Clint Carney, System Syn‘s repertoire boasts 5 albums, 3 EPs and more than a dozen remixes for leading Electro acts, as well as a myriad of compilation contributions. Despite the artist’s somewhat meagre European presence, things are bound to change with the upcoming “Strangers”, thanks to this album’s intensity and variety. It is certain to turn heads. Its spectrum covers slow, dark melancholic tracks, well-arranged Electro-Pop songs, and numerous Electro-Industrial club floor-fillers (e.g. “Here´s To Go”, “Chemical”, “The Inconvenient”, “Curtain Call”).

The cover and booklet art painted by Carney himself are also sure to please art aficionados. But anyone basing themselves on the cover and expecting dark or even aggressive sounds will be mistaken. Although all songs carry a definite dark-romantic and melancholic flair, one will find closer parallels to the works of Faderhead, Project Pitchfork, Seabound or De/Vision.

The clear line on “Strangers” is built around Clint Carney’s great vocal style. Lyrically, he deals with dark impressions and relationship issues, which System Syn superbly sets to music.

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