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Front Line Assembly - Shifting Through The Lens CD Single

2010-05-28 Item #: mind165 Dependent
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Be prepared to recalibrate your musical sensors!

The Canadian electro-industrial pioneers Front Line Assembly dominated the clubs during the Nineties. However the Vancouver outfit ran a lower profile in the decade that followed. Club compatibility was sometimes difficult for DJs to establish due to the ever-changing style in the last single releases caused by reoccurring line-up issues within the band.
It is hard to pinpoint with accuracy why the new Front Line Assembly single is so much stronger and more danceable than their last releases.But it is obvious that the new quartet, composed of Bill Leeb, Jeremy Inkel, Chris Peterson and Jared Slingerland, has concentrated on its old form once again.

Front Line Assembly created great landmark albums such as "Tactical Neural Implant" and "Hard Wired", and their quality was their cinematic industrial sound in widescreen format which left the competition technically trembling in their wake. This new vitality is apparent on all of the three songs featured on the new single and heralds the upcoming album "Improvised Electronic Device" as a hybrid of electronics and guitars, combining the best of both worlds. The 6-minute extended A-side version "Shifting Through The Lens" is the most danceable track FLA has created in the last DECADE .

Wandering on metal paths reminiscent of Rammstein and their own "Millenium" album is the second track “ANGRIFF” . The true potency of this song will be unveiled after few spins..
The exclusive 9-minute long B-side "Endless Void" concludes this release and showcases the cinematic and technically advanced format of these magnificent four.
Be prepared to recalibrate your musical sensors!

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